Welcome to LCDezines Printables!

Hey there! I’m Lori, the whimsical mind behind LCDezines Printables. 🚀 As a former Etsy seller turned printable creator, I’ve embarked on a journey to sprinkle a bit of magic into the world of kiddie creativity.


Imagine a world where learning meets laughter, and education dances with delight – that’s the universe I’m crafting through my digital products. 

LCDezines Printables is your one-stop treasure trove for commercial-use goodies designed exclusively for the pint-sized wonders from pre-k to elementary school age.


At heart, I’m a doodler with a love for the color purple and cute cartoon graphics. My mission? To turn every learning moment into a burst of joy, every activity into an adventure, and every planner into a personal playground.

Dive into a world where imagination knows no bounds. My printables are crafted to inspire little minds and spark creativity at every turn.

Grab these delightful treasures with full commercial use rights, rebrand them, and let your creativity soar on Etsy, Shopify, Teachers Pay Teachers, or your very own corner of the web.

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or a fellow creator, I invite you to join the LCDezines Printables family.

I would be delighted to welcome you aboard this journey with me, and aspire for my business to serve as a stepping stone for yours!


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